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Pursuit of high quality, customer satisfaction as the purpose, pioneering and enterprising, innovative development.

Henan Bohan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

  Henan Bohan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. mainly produces: gantry shears, metal packers, crocodile shears, tiger head shears, waste paper packers, steel rice machines, Machong bag dust collectors and other equipment. The enterprise continuously improves the production process and attaches importance to technology research and development, and is a professional entity manufacturer integrating production, manufacturing and sales. According to the urgent needs of the market, the enterprise R & D department has organized forces and combined with the actual application requirements of customers at home and abroad to develop new energy-saving and environmental protection metal packers, gantry shears, crocodile shears and copper rice machines, which have the advantages of stable action, simple operation and convenient maintenance. Bohan has modern enterprise management mechanism, excellent processing equipment, perfect testing means, high-quality scientific researchers, high-quality tracking service, and provides advanced and economical technical services for customers with a high degree of professionalism.