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Wood crusher600XING

Wood crusher600XING

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Applicable materials : Wood raw materials, sawdust, rice husk, fruit husk, bamboo, coconut shell, etc

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Wood crusher600XING Introduction




It can crush a variety of raw materials. One machine can be used for multiple purposes. It is the preferred choice of customers. The multifunctional crusher can powder all kinds of hard raw materials such as wood, wood waste, branches, leftovers, bark and bamboo, and adjust the aperture of the screen to meet the appropriate requirements and output. The finished product has good quality and low processing cost.

Working Principle

The wood crusher is mainly composed of feeding conveyor, pressing roller, crushing chamber, rotor, hammer head (blade), iron remover, bottom discharge conveyor, hydraulic cylinder, oil station, etc. the whole machine is driven by motor, and the motor wheel drives the knife roller on the main wheel through belt drive to crush materials. The materials enter the crushing chamber through the chain plate conveyor, and the pressure roller will open and close up and down according to the size of the feed. The materials entering the crushing chamber will be cut, beaten and rubbed through the high-speed rotating rotor, and finally achieve the crushing effect. The crushed materials will be screened through the screen in the crushing chamber, and the finished products will be transported out through the discharge conveyor belt, Materials that do not meet the requirements of finished products will continue to be crushed in the crushing chamber. The size of finished material can be adjusted according to the screen size.



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