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Rod making machine

Rod making machine

Henan Bohan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. mainly produces: gantry shears, metal packers, crocodile shears, tiger head shears, waste paper packers, steel rice machines, Machong bag dust collectors and other equipment.



Applicable materials : All wood waste

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Rod making machine Introduction




Product introduction Rod making machine :

Rod making machine, also known as molding machine, is an essential equipment for charcoal production mechanism. It can remove bamboo, water, fruit shell and straw with water content less than 12%

(except rice straw and wheat straw) and other granular (length  5mm, diameter  3mm) wastes, without adding any binder, pass through high

In the warm and high pressure process, a rod-shaped solid salary rod with a central hole is extruded.

Working Principle

The rod making machine uses sawdust, crop straw (corn straw, soybean straw, sorghum straw, cotton straw, rape straw, peanut seedling and sunflower straw), chaff, grass, shrub branch, bamboo and wood truncated head, material head and bagasse as raw materials. After being crushed by sawdust crusher, the high temperature and high pressure area is formed under the action of screw propeller and heating ring to process loose raw materials into hollow rods. The product has high density, small volume and good flammability. It can replace firewood and coal.


22kw-Ⅱ XING320-3501000

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